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Segway, a smooth operator

Invented in 2001 by Dean Kamen, the Segway has revolutionised the way the personal mobility vehicle is perceived. Derived from the word segue which means a smooth transition, which is exactly how a Segway operates, smoothly.

Since its first inception over a decade ago, Segway has lead the market in electric personal transporters or PT’s as the company refers to them.

Designed around a two wheeled, self-balancing, electrically powered platform, the iconic Segway is unique vehicle. Currently available in two models, the i2 SE and the x2 SE.

The i2 SE is an updated version of the original Segway. The i2 is perfect tool for the urban environment, transitioning easily from being used indoors to out.  The i2 has been designed with the ability to fit through standard doorways and in to elevators.  The i2 is perfect door to door solution for the modern urbanist.

The x2 SE is the adventurous brother. Fitted all terrain tires and a rugged fender frame that doubles as grab handles, making for easier transportation.   The x2 also has the ability to attach various cargo solutions.  The x2 is a next generation adventure vehicle.

Segway has become an iconic brand and product which is now the bench mark for which all two wheeled electric vehicles are based upon.

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