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The Skyrunner, Flying Car

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The sky’s the limit with a Skyrunner

Through the ages mankind has dreamt up ways to combine various forms of transport. One of these ideas is the flying car.   Since 1917 engineers and dreamers alike have toyed with the idea, some successfully and others not so, of creating a vehicle that can be driven on the roads as well as fly above them. The Skyrunner is a successful example.

By combining the versatility of an off-road dune buggy with the ability to take to the skies, the Skyrunner is quite literally able to take on and off any terrain thrown at it.

The transformation from off-road vehicle to lightweight sports aircraft takes just minutes. The Skyrunner utilises a ram-air parafoil wing as a means to fly.  The engineers decided to use the ram-air parafoil wing technology for its ease of use and renowned safety due to its stability, control and resistance to stalls. The transformation from land to air vehicle, basically requires the parafoil wing to be removed from its storage, laid on the ground behind the vehicle and that’s it.   Ready for take-off.

In 1940 Henry Ford stated “Mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile but it will come”.  Seventy four years later, it arrived.

The Skyrunner is a unique adventure vehicle. Taking on the earth as well as the heavens has never been so easy.


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