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U-Boat Worx Submersibles

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Get under the sea in a U-Boat Worx Submersible

Diving deep into the unknown is no longer a luxury reserved for scientists and deep ocean adventurers.  Gone are the days when one would need a plethora of financial backers and a scientific reason to simply get a glimpse of what lies below the surface.

Committed to building value for money submersibles, U-Boat Worx of the Netherlands have been designing and manufacturing submersibles since 2008.  U-Boat Worx are not only considered as some of the most advanced submersibles in world but are also attractively priced.

U-Boat Worx offers two model categories for production.  The C-Questers and the C-Explorers.

The C-Questers are based on a double hull design and come in two or three person configurations.  All C-Quester models have an operating depth of one hundred meters.  A C-Quester submersible offers passengers an excellent viewing platform that is robust, reliable and efficient in design.

The big brother to C-Quester is the C-Explorer.  C-Explorers can comfortably accommodate between one and five passengers.  The C-Explorer range can operate to the edge of the mesopelagic zone or one thousand metres in layman’s terms.  All C-Explorers are based on a three hundred and sixty degree acrylic pressure hull that give its passengers an unprecedented field of view.  The C-Explorer also come with a host of accessories ranging from a manipulator arm to a fly-out ROV.


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