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The Ziesel

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Tracked in nature with the Ziesel

Since 1985, when Sir Clive Sinclair launched the C5, engineers worldwide have designed and created electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Unlike traditional electric vehicles that are either redesigned existing vehicles or simply a form of personal mobility vehicle created for the urban environment, the Ziesel is an all-terrain, on and off-road sport vehicle.

The most striking feature of the Ziesel is the twin rubber track system that this single seater sits on.  Engineered with high performance lithium-ion powered motors, the Ziesel is a green way to explore nature.

Thanks to the intelligent on board system, the Ziesel has variable driving modes, from gentle tourer to powerful racer.  Replete with a double wishbone suspension system that ensures traction on any surface.

The Ziesel incorporates a roll cage and bucket seat for safety, high powered LED lamps and a heated seat for cold weather operations.  Ensuring each unit is unique, Ziesel offer a choice of options such as wooden or carbon fibre accents, a choice of colours for the tubular frame and various accessories.

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