Lobster Collection


Step into another sphere with Lobster Collection

When reaching out to a hotel representation company, you seek a partner who listens and understands your needs while having the ideal network and experience to make a significant difference to your bottom line in a chosen market.  That’s exactly what you can expect when partnering with Lobster Collection. With a market experience spanning more than 25 years, a most enviable reputation for continuous innovation and the finest technological tools in the marketplace, Lobster Collection is well-equipped to assist you in increasing your market share in the key markets of your choice. After all, Lobster Collection offers you the best of both worlds: one the one side, Lobster Collection covers Europe’s largest and most attractive, steadily growing German-speaking (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) market whilst, on the other hand, also covering Europe’s fastest developing luxury market, the Central & Eastern European (14 countries) market.

Taking into account the individual needs of every client, Lobster Collection always designs a pro-active, bespoke strategy that comprises a multitude of successful tools such as e.g. webinars, events, sales calls, fam trips, social media actions, product training, The Book and much more.  As a result, Lobster Collection opens new distribution channels and positions itself as the extended arm of your sales and marketing team. The highly motivated, knowledgeable team at Lobster Experience always loves to take on an exciting, new challenge as well as thinking ‘out of the box’ to generate the greatest of impacts. With a search for new distribution channels that come naturally to them and a creative spirit that is second to none, why wait to benefit from their valuable insights and actions to achieve the best of results?


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