Lobster Experience


Step into another sphere with Lobster Experience

Having been in the luxury market for over 30 years, Lobster Experience has not only gained the best of expertise and network but also strongly built a focus on every aspect of luxury hospitality and travel. Being on top of the market, Lobster Experience has been able to drive the market with innovations, like the luxury fair loop, or forecast trends.

The network extends from the home markets (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) to the Central and Eastern European market to all around the globe with the international collective REPSUNITE.

Lobster Experience believes in being different. Creative approaches based on the many years of experience and the curiosity for trying something new are combined with traditional sales, marketing and PR tools that work. In addition, the extensive network in the travel trade industry helps to make a difference. With power and passion Lobster Experience consults partners individually, competently and from different angles: sales, marketing, communications, events, coachings in how to sell luxury or a combination of all to provide the most suitable, tailor-made service package.

With Lobster Experience one profits from deep expert knowledge about the German speaking market to conquer this market place and to experience a fruitful partnership.