Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel

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Address your health and wellbeing adopting a preventive approach at the Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel

The Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel project was born through a shared vision between HPA Group and Longevity Wellness Worldwide, in the creation of a world class hotel, totally focused on health and wellness, with a Spa ambience and a professional team. It provides hospitality as a boutique hotel, for adults 16 and up only.

The hotel offers unique services and programmes with solutions for relaxation, revitalization and health regeneration, balance of body and mind, a holistic concept, focused on disease prevention and the maintenance of health and well-being. A wide range of complementary diagnostic and treatment solutions are available, in a hospital environment, which includes complete check-ups, specialty consultations, sports rehabilitation and ambulatory, plastic or conventional surgeries.

Today’s lifestyle precipitate premature aging, due to disturbances in the normal functions of the cells. This set of dysfunctions and chronic inflammation manifest themselves in the most prevalent current diseases, which we all know and are at risk of experiencing if we do not alter our behaviour. The Longevity Method promotes a deep understanding of the causes of imbalances, individualized strategies focused on the improvement of health and well-being.

Whether guests are on a holiday basis only or have included with their holiday a structured health and wellness programme, the following facilities are available complimentary: indoor detox sensation pool, heated indoor dynamic relaxation pool, sensation showers, Turkish bath and differentiated sauna, footbath, ice fountain, Epsom salt infusion room, gym, as well as an infinity rooftop pool and body & mind group sessions.