Lou Calen Retreat, Cotignac

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Lou Calen Retreat, Cotignac - A unique eco resort in Provence to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and nature

Lou Calen Retreat is an eco resort located in the heart of the charming provencal village named Cotignac, labelled one of the prettiest villages in France in 2022. Only at an 1,5h drive from Nice international airport and 1h drive for the high-speed train of Aix en Provence, it is a central destination for travellers who wish to mix sea, city and countryside.

Created and imaginated by a Canadian entrepreneur who fell in love with the village, it’s the second page of a beautiful story which started in the 70’s with a lot of people passing through: Brigitte Bardot, The Wham, The Cure and so many others, like more recently, Goerge Clooney. The hotel was closed for the last 20 years and this new chapter offers now a full range of services.

A newly-awarded restaurant, the Jardin Secret (Green Star from Michelin guide for its sustainable cuisine), an art center with 3 exhibits per year, a craft brewery with weekly events, a summer wine bar and a dynamic offer of immersive experiences and workshops 11 months a year is all comprised within this stunning establishment.

At a walking distance from the village, Lou Calen is a hidden gem with 3 hectares of nature. It offers a selection of activities according to the season: truffle hunting in winter, lavender spindle workshop in summer, saffron harvest in autumn, and botanic walks in spring, for instnace. Moments to disconnect and create beautiful memories.