LTP Luxury Travel Partner


The soul of a DMC in the heart of a tour operator

LTP Luxury Travel Partner is a Luxury Incoming Tour Operator relying on the proven expertise of a team of professionals with decades of experience with upscale clientele. They provide a bespoke online booking system that allows travel agents from all over the world immediate access to availability and directly contracted rates - both FIT and dynamic - of hundreds of 5- and 4-star hotels and a wide selection of villas throughout the Italian territory. The system also allows immediate booking of "standard" services such as transfers, disposals, guides, museum entrances, etc. always strictly on a private basis, as well as exclusive services such as private chefs, castles hire, helicopters and yachts, and a selection of sensory experiences tailored to the needs of each client.

LTP is successfully positioning itself in the TOP Luxury segment, creating and offering tailor-made services and dedicating the utmost attention to the quality and originality of the experiences proposed, thanks to its deep knowledge of the territory and the extensive professionalism of all its partners.

On all the activities that they offer, we also pay particular attention to eco-sustainability using - wherever possible - zero-emission vehicles such as Tesla or EUP, trying to minimize the environmental impact and, at the same time, creating a new way to fully enjoy every moment of the journey.

Their mission is to achieve complete customers’ satisfaction delivering unique and original Italian travel experiences thanks to outstanding support and to their ultimate attention to every detail.