Lucia Magnani Health Clinic


Lucia Magnani Health Clinic, a holiday that gives space for your health

Immersed in a beautiful Art Déco setting, in a charming, medieval village midway between Bologna and the San Marino Republic with Florence to the south, Lucia Magnani Health Clinic is a luxury centre of Italian Longevity that combines the high specialty of prevention, well-being, beauty, personal assistance and high-end hospitality.

The method for a long-lasting well-being, adopted by the Lucia Magnani Health Clinic, is called Long Life Formula®. The method gave birth to different wellness programmes, with targeted goals and aimed to prevent specific pathologies of the modern age.

Among the many unique features of the programmes there are:

• Complete medical check-up with doctors and hospital diagnostic equipment,
• Emerald green certified healing thermal waters of Castrocaro Terme,
• Recently renovated Art Déco boutique-style Grand Hotel,
• Gourmet Italian Cuisine with personalised diets for each guest,
• Long Life Angel Personal Concierge 24/7
• Personal Trainer and Yoga Guru
• Beauty procedures at the Cosmetic Medicine Centre,
• Absolute privacy and discretion,
• Tailor-made programmes and additional services.

All the elements of the Long Life Formula programmes are supported by the medical scientific experience of GVM Care & Research, one of the leading health groups in Europe with 50 years of experience and 49 Health Facilities in the world and of which Lucia Magnani Health Clinic is an essential part.

The staff is always available to find the most appropriate solution to the specific needs of guests with the global approach to health, proud to spread the culture of prevention and well-being in Italy and in the world.