LUXON by Geisel


Travelling Europe’s rails with Luxon by Geisel, your private charter train

Imagine a historic wagon modernized in the most luxurious way, which is exclusively reserved for you and your guests, takes you on a journey to the destination of your dreams on the day you desire: take a seat and relax at Luxon by Geisel, while Europe’s undisturbed landscape is passing by. A selected team of experienced hosts is accompanying you on the whole journey and is taking care of all your needs. Each journey brings its own stunning, not only through the ever-changing scenery but also the culinary delights prepared by your private chef on board to enhance every trip. With Luxon by Geisel you can not only decide where you want to go, but also when. The chartered train takes you to every place with a train station in Europe (except the UK, Ireland, and Spain) and that on the day you wish. An entire wagon is at your disposal during your ride and is adaptable to your needs. Whether conference room, romantic togetherness, travel coupé, or stylish restaurant, the furniture of Luxon by Geisel is as individual as its guests. You also have a lounge in the back of the train, as well as a bar in the front for an aperitif, a private conversation, or as a place of retreat available. In total, there is space for up to 20 persons in the 26 meters long chartered train.

What makes the most beautiful panorama an even bigger highlight? The culinary offer by Geisel. Depending on your preferences your private chef of Geisel Privathotels will be at your disposal. For example, 2-Michelin-starred Tohru Nakamura can be booked exclusively for your event. Together with his crew of Werneckhof by Geisel, he serves European dishes with Japanese accents. Chef Thomas Kahl from the famous wine restaurant Vinothek by Geisel is characterized by using regional and seasonal products and reflecting a range of European cuisine. The Euro-Asian cuisine of the Anna restaurant & bar by Geisel is a real pleasure. The urban dishes are often based on a sharing concept and the fine sushi variations are enhancing every meal.

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