Luxury Action


Luxury Action creates authentic experiences with local people

Luxury Action is the pioneering private travel company with a focus on tailored Nordic destination experiences. Luxury Action creates high-end experiences and expeditions across the Nordic countries and European Arctic: Lapland, Finland and the rest of the Nordic region, including Sweden, Norway, as well as Greenland, Svalbard and even North Pole.

All journeys are highly customized according to the traveller’s wishes. At Luxury Action nothing is impossible. The company’s aim is to build a deep connection with the traveller and the destination. Luxury Action believes in ‘new luxury’ in travel, where it combines authentic environment and eco-luxury to high-end hospitality.

Luxury Action has access to private locations and properties available nowhere else. Facilities beyond luxury, sustainability at heart, in addition to world-class services, comfort and ultimate privacy, Luxury Action’s adventures offer magical experiences for travellers who will return home content, rejuvenated and reconnected with self and the nature.

Luxury Action does everything with passion. Enthusiasm, attention to detail, and a warm and willing heart – these are the absolute keywords for Luxury Action, which sets them apart. Luxury Action’s own chefs, butlers, security, and guides are genuine people in their real environment, sharing the stories of their culture and mythology with the guests, introducing the local way of life, and the true respect for the nature. It goes without saying, that local people, nature and food are the key elements to any experience created, as these factors have grown deep into the company's roots.

Luxury Action’s itineraries have offered magical experiences for travellers who have returned home content, with an entirely new perspective on the way we lead our hectic lives.