Maalifushi by COMO

The Maalifushi by COMO Highlights the Romance and Luxury of the Indian Ocean

The Maldives offer travellers a unique view of the immense splendour and beauty that results from a seamless blending of beach and luxury. At the Maalifushi by COMO, guests will discover a land that is both elegant by design and untouched by progress. With ideal placement within the sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean, this resort retreat at once welcomes guests home and sweeps them away. Offering a choice between land-based and water-based accommodations, travellers may have a difficult time choosing which glorious residence or suite they wish to inhabit. The land-based lodging options, which include a total of 32 different quarters, are styled in the traditional beach theme. Cloistered in the heart of the Maalifushi by COMO’s own tropical jungle, each room provides a garden or lagoon view, with the ever-present scents of flora, sea, and sand.

For those who feel that one can never be too close to the ocean, the Overwater accommodations offer the finest luxuries and the closest proximity to the cool blue waters possible. With 33 spaces, ranging from suites to villas and private residences, guests will discover a liquid paradise that is unsurpassed. Each of these magnificent accommodations has its very own terrace that floats just above the lagoon, ensuring that guests may literally walk right into the calm waters.

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