Macq 01

Macq 01, a unique storytelling hotel where the past comes to life in an environment of informal luxury

From the Mouheneenner people who fished the Derwent shallows to the European convicts who carved out a new life on these lonely shores, the stories, myths and legends of Tasmania are the inspiration for this new breed of hotel: a storytelling hotel. Located on Macquarie Wharf in Hobart, every element, from the rooms and the dining to the unique experiences on offer, is designed to deliver a quintessentially Tasmanian experience.

Trinkets and artefacts associated with tales of intrigue and seduction line the halls, and each room and suite is dedicated to one of the cast of characters that shaped the island´s history. Lounge in informal luxury in your room, where top quality furnishings are free of any pretence, dine on fresh seafood within sight of the crayfish boats at the gourmet Old Wharf restaurant, and swap tales around the lounge fire.

Don´t miss the 114 Doors Storytelling Tour that guides you through the hotel´s artefacts, and the walk around the neighbourhood accompanied by a storytelling guide.

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