Magic Roads

france, portugal, armenia & georgia – destination MASTER

With passion and a Magic touch nothing is impossible!

Magic Roads is part of the Magic Travels group, an independent & family-owned Destination Management Company established in 1985. It has become one of the finest DMC operating in the Middle East throughout the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, and Oman (Magic Arabia) - as well as the Caucasus and European region – in France, Portugal, Armenia, and Georgia (Magic Roads).

Magic Roads was created with the will of making discover two beautiful yet unknown Silk Road destinations as Armenia and Georgia and offering off of the beaten track experiences in rich destinations such as France and Portugal. Magic Roads’ production experts strive to offer the best of their destinations and act as advisers with a thorough knowledge of all details that can make the difference to win the approval of their customers. Each local expert of Magic Roads put their imagination, know-how, and passion to create programs that match their clientele’s ambitions.

Magic Roads offer personalized journeys to take the customers further and deeper, to give them a connection to the people and places they are visiting through learnings, experiences, and interactions with “locals”. The environmental and social impact is at the heart of the Magic team’s consideration.

The Magic Roads team will take their travelers to Portugal, where history, tradition, and gastronomy are assorted… To France, where flying over a burgundy vineyard or discovering Gustave Eiffel’s secret apartment at the top of the Eiffel tower will be possible … To Georgia, where nature, culture, adrenaline, and viniculture are everywhere! The philosophy of Magic Roads is to provide seamless travel arrangements and innovation and to create memorable and unique experiences.

The Magic designers always stay at clients’ disposal from the moment they start the project until the end, ensuring the smoothest execution and the best travel experience. 

Magic Roads has a global presence with offices in France, Portugal, Armenia, and Georgia and they are fully legally licensed to operate in each destination. The group is also represented by a local sales team in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Germany, Russia, US, Mexico and Canada.