Magic Travels

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Explore the most enchanting destinations with Magic Travels

Magic Travels is an independent & family-owned Destination Management Company established in 1985. It has become one of the finest DMC operating in the Middle East throughout the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, and Oman (Magic Arabia) - as well as the Caucasus and European region – in France, Portugal, Armenia, and Georgia (Magic Roads).

The company DNA is to be different and innovative! The philosophy of Magic Travels is to provide seamless travel arrangements and to create memorable and unique experiences. The new brand Beyond, created and owned by Magic travels is the perfect example to illustrate the DMC’s creativity and its sustainability commitment.
Facing the growing desire for authenticity, space, and awareness for sustainable tourism, Magic Travels had decided to make a new turn towards eco-responsible and ethical travel with a new adventure and sustainable brand called BEYOND by Magic Travels.

At Magic Travels, everyone is aware of their responsibility to protect the environment and to support the development of populations in the countries that their clients discover. The environmental and social impact is at the heart of the Magic team’s consideration.
The highly experienced teams of Magic experts on-site put together tailor-made programs for a rich and personalized discovery of each Magic destination. Magic Travels’ production experts put their imagination, know-how, and passion to offer their clients immersions “beyond” the marked trails, to discover hidden treasures where adventure, meetings, and sharing give rhythm to the escapes.

All the Magic offers are set up with an eco-sensitive approach and offer meaningful discovery in the heart of each destination. The customers journey of discovery will be all about getting under the skin of the destination sharing, meeting, and getting richer from the experience!

The Magic designers always stay at clients’ disposal from the moment they start the project until the end, ensuring the smoothest execution and the best travel experience.

Magic Travels has a global presence with offices in France, United Arabs Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Jordan, Egypt, France, Portugal, Armenia and Georgia and they are fully legally licenced to operate in each destination. The group is also represented by a local sales team in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Germany, Russia, US, Mexico and Canada.