Magical Colombia


Welcome to the land that will enrich your travel experiences with Magical Colombia

Thinking about activities that captivate most of our senses, travelling occupies without a doubt an important place in people’s lives. There are people who travel to evade the routine of everyday life, others travel for business, some love to discover remote cultures, and others seek to enrich their lives with new experiences. The team at Magical Colombia listens and values this wide range of nuances, creating itineraries tailored to the desires of those who trust in them. They live in a wonderful country that facilitates their work with its dazzling biodiversity and, day by day, Magical Colombia concentrate on those details that make a trip an unforgettable and magical life experience. 

This DMC proposes the best that this land has to offer, but the real luxury of a Magical Colombia trip is the value that they give to those who seek to surprise themselves with a country that has an infinite horizon of emotions to offer. These professionals do it with passion and discipline, with method and creativity; they do it with a lot of love.

Welcome to the land where the Andes put their roots into the South American continent, where the Pacific Ocean embraces the Caribbean Sea, where the desert winks on the Amazon and where the sound of ancient time has left space to poetry; the land where there is a salsa step or blue chords of an accordion at the seashore. Welcome to the land of Gabriel García Márquez and its magical realism. Welcome to the archaeological ruins of San Agustín and the Lost City. Welcome to Cartagena de Indias with its colonial class, to Barranquilla and Pasto with their famous carnivals, to Santiago de Cali with its joy and its musical rhythms, to Medellín with its Flower Festival. Welcome to the country with most birds and orchids species in the world. Welcome to a magical land that is joy and elegance. Welcome to the legend of “El Dorado”… Welcome to this wonderful trip which is the Colombian mosaic with its people, music, culture, traditions, smiles, flavors… Welcome to Colombia!