Mai 10


Mai 10 creates original tailor-made lifetime trips

Mai 10 can be considered as an artisan of dream-trips. Their passion is creating experiences that inspire and memories that last forever. Culture, adventure, cuisine, or nature – every journey can de be designed. Mai 10 stays away from sameness and strives for the seemingly unattainable. They enjoy scouting their territory once and again in search of roads untravelled. The company believes in connecting people so that they share meaningful moments, breathe culture, and feel a sense of place. Mai 10 believes in simple things done well. They prepare each trip, one by one, making them personalized and different, always protecting the natural environment. The company strives for excellence, but if a problem arises, it will be solved immediately as the extra step makes the difference.

Originality and excellence are the hallmarks of each trip that Mai 10 custom-designs. They contrive every proposal with the aim of creating a unique and entertaining experience that will remain a treasured lifetime memory for each participant, combining personal enrichment with a flair for the exotic. Mai 10 cares for the environment and about giving back, they believe in responsible and sustainable tourism. Most of the activities on offer are not available elsewhere and are truly unique, developed by Mai 10 over the years. The Team of Guides is made up by special people who have led interesting lives, who hold interesting knowledge and who are interested in people.

Let Mai 10 show you a style made in Argentina.