Maidla Nature Resort


Forest bedrooms inspired by nature awaits visitors at Maidla Nature Resort

In the Estonian wilderness, Maidla Nature Resort redefines what a romantic weekend getaway should look like. Unprecedented privacy, no Wi-Fi, most caring personal service, manor history, and award-winning architecture to top it off: Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award, the EU’s most important architectural prize, Maidla embodies feeling one with nature in a stylish nutshell. Nestled in the complete peace and quiet of Estonia’s protected wetlands, this year's most serenity-starved travellers will find three architecturally distinct and spiritually soothing miniature luxury villas.

One of the aims of erecting a hotel on the edge of a swamp was to create a space that would immerse hotel guests in the untouched nature of Estonia and to show what great contemporary architecture and design can achieve on a truly minuscule scale.

Nature Villa KASEKE boasts a rooftop terrace to take in the surrounding greenery's most calming sights, sounds, and smells. The name KASEKE is a nod to the birch trees surrounding the Villa, which were all preserved during construction as not a single tree was cut down. The Villa's exterior and interior are made of thermally modified ash, upholding sustainability's value while creating a unique architectural design.

The second villa – called KÄBI, 'conifer cone' in Estonian – started from a brief of providing guests with a quiet and peaceful place to escape from the urban-driven world, a comforting hub in nature where visitors would be driven by surroundings to contemplate the fragility of the nature around us. The intention is to offer comfort, but not by shutting people inside and away from the nature they came to explore: rather create a space that flows smoothly from outside to inside. KÄBI provides a pocket of warmth – a necessity in the Northern climate with its chilly springs and snowy, freezing winters – that still keeps you immersed in the surrounding natural forest and riverbank wetlands.
KÄBI, with its outdoor hot tub, is perfect for soaking up the scenery while literally soaking at the same time.

Nature Villa POKU – a cluster of round-shaped rooms, offering comfort and privacy and a chance to relax and spend a day with a loved one or entirely alone, reconnecting with the nature around you. Placed a short walk away from the other Maidla villas and the historical hub where guests gather for breakfast, this house gives you all the tools to enjoy yourself even if you are not into nature walks. There is a separate tearoom in addition to the sauna and bathroom, a bedroom, and a lounge area, with views of the surrounding nature. Fully insulated with triple-layered windows, as is per standard in the Nordics, you will be warm and cosy even at the height of winter. POKU caters to those looking to nurture their body and soul through the ancient ritual of the sauna.

Located just 45 minutes away from Estonia’s capital Tallinn, Maidla may be the Holy Grail of romantic getaways. The owner Ragnar Sass says: “The goal was to create a space that would remind people of their connection to nature and the fragility and value of this link that is already disappearing in many places.” Maidla’s immediate surroundings offer refreshing activities for body and mind, like canoeing on the Keila River, private massage, one-on-one yoga sessions, breathing therapy or hiking in the nearby forests and wetlands. After maximum oneness with nature and mind has been reached, the one thing left to do will be to calmly and serenely enjoy an exclusive fine-dining gastronomy experience at SOO restaurant by chef Daanius Aas, whose creations perfectly complement the unique atmosphere of this must-see destination. The resort has made certain that connecting to nature has never been easier or cooler.