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First things first about Greenland
 A visit to Greenland is a must for anyone seeking some out-of-the-ordinary adventures that promise unique vistas and eye-opening experiences 
From coastal glaciers and glacial lakes to the tundra, the environment boasts some of the most impressive natural sights you’ll find anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, the modest towns and villages still manage to pack in exciting activities, many of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Feeling adventurous? You can embark on this one-of-a-kind journey right now. All the charms you’ll experience on this trip through Greenland will leave you with memories you’ll cherish forever.
The Wondrous South Greenland
Greenland is just over 3,200km from Canada at its closest point and about 1,200km from Iceland. Despite being bordered by the two cultures, the land has a specific style all its own. To begin your journey, let's head south!
South Greenland, also known as Arctic Patagonia, is a spectacular region with innumerable tourist attractions. Wherever you look, there are captivating blue water vistas with a dramatic backdrop of towering peaks, intimidating waterfalls, and lush valleys. It features diverse landscapes, along with tranquil waterways enclosed by soaring mountains. The entire region is an adventurer’s paradise, both for professional kayakers and leisurely hikers. The exploration area comprises many amazing vistas, including Narsarsuaq, the Greenland Ice Sheet, and Tasermiut and Lindenow Fjords. While the area is generally out-of-reach for most people, discerning travellers can enter it right now and check out the almost-unimaginable scenery first-hand.

Greenland is known for its marvellous terrain and landscapes, and one of the most attractive destinations on the island is Qassiarsuk (its Norse name is Brattahlíð). This is the place where Greenland’s first parliament and Christian church were established. Both of these structures can still be seen today, and you can even check out their replicas nearby. Qassiarsuk was founded nearly 100 years ago as the first. Excursions sheep farm in Greenland. This area is one of the country’s most fertile regions.

Another must-see is the Greenland Ice Sheet. Located in Greenland’s central province, this ice sheet is the Northern Hemisphere’s largest chunk of ice. It’s nearly 3 kilometres (2 miles) thick and spans about 80% of Greenland’s territory. The ice sheet is contained by coastal mountains both to the west and east. Treading across the ice that moves inconspicuously under your feet will be a mesmerizing experience that few outsiders can lay claim to experiencing.

Additionally, make sure to check out Lindenow Fjord. Considering that ships rarely enter the fjord, you’ll need to find another way to explore it. The ideal method is to take a Zodiac (a rigid inflatable boat), guided by a highly experienced expedition team. During the visit to the Fjord, you will encounter many splendid sights, such as dazzling waterfalls. Visiting Narsarsuaq, which means “the large plan,” should be a part of your plans when you arrive in Greenland. It boasts splendid landscapes and is a lush terrain that lies deep into a nearby fjord. It’s located just around 6 kilometres (4 miles) from the Greenland Ice sheet. The hills around the settlement are dotted with Norse ruins of considerable historical significance.
"Greenland is known for its marvellous terrain and landscapes"
"Distant glacial leaks in South Greenland’s upper alpine zone."
If you possess an adventurous spirit and want to push further into Greenland tradition, plan a sojourn to Kujataa. This is sub-arctic farming area is one of the oldest examples of Arctic agriculture. There are agricultural lands and archaeological sites in this landscape that incorporates five areas (Tasikuluulik, Sissarluttoq, Qassiarsuk, Hvalsey, and Igaliku). This region offers the most representative histories of Greenlandic and Norse farmer-hunters.

Other areas to consider visiting are Prins Christian Sund, with its massive glaciers, and Uunartoq, home to hot springs. Prins Christian Sund is a scenic fjord system dominated by cliffs and immense tidewater glaciers. It’s one of the main reasons why South Greenland has been nicknamed Arctic Patagonia. The only inhabited area in this region is Aappilattoq, with around 100 people.

The site is perfect for cruising and features numerous icebergs. On the other hand, Uunartoq is an uninhabited island most famous for the three springs forming a dammed pool. The pool’s temperature is high enough for you to take a bath. The outdoor spa is surrounded by mountain peaks, providing surreal, relaxing scenery.
Blood-Pumping Activities 
During this trip, not only will you get a closer look at Greenland’s legendary terrain, but you’ll also traverse it in a number of ways. Here are all the activities that will make your adventure unforgettable

"Twin-engine choppers will take you to the picturesque pathways of South Greenland"
Helicopter hiking in twin-engine choppers stands out in particular and takes you to the picturesque pathways of South Greenland in a unique style. Each departure is a tailor-made experience that will suit your needs perfectly. You can choose to travel in a fast-walking group to cover as much distance as possible. Alternatively, there’s a medium hiking route that allows for ample time to take amazing photos and reflect on previous stages of the trip. The final option is a slow-paced exploration with even more opportunities to take in the incredible scenery and become one with the surroundings.

Perhaps the most iconic place to visit by helicopter is the Greenland Ice Sheet. It’s the second-largest mass of ice on the planet, and it gets even more immense once you cast your eyes on this behemoth. You’ll have a stunning view of the Sheet, which only a limited number of people have ever experienced. Plus, renowned glaciologists will be guiding you on this trip and sharing their insight on the environment’s dynamics.

You can also participate in a paddling adventure on stable kayaks that are ideal for first-time or inexperienced kayakers. You’ll be taken on this excursion when the weather is favourable to ensure a smooth sail. Again, there will be expert guides providing instructions and helping you take full advantage of Greenland’s uncharted waters.

Afterwards, why not ride Greenland’s waters in another zodiac? Most polar expeditions rely on zodiacs since they can take you to locations inaccessible to large ships. This way, you can reach distant shorelines and shallow inlets in your quest for wildlife and sights that only a select few have seen. 
The staff will show you how to step in and out of your zodiac safely and the drivers will offer interpretation on the go, making you feel even more immersed in the landscape.

In addition to air and sea exploration and all their charms, you may find that exploring Greenland on foot makes for a more enchanting experience. While exploring various polar landscapes, your guides will adapt the hiking pace to accommodate any skill level. Each landing even has walking poles to make the journey more convenient.

Also, you can amp up the fun factor by boarding a kayak. In this convenient vessel, you’ll be able to visit distant glacial leaks in South Greenland’s upper alpine zone. Enjoy a serene environment and take in the raw beauty few other lakes in the world can offer.

Even mountain bikers will get to experience action during this incredible journey. Greenland has fantastic mountain biking routes that will appeal to your adventure-seeking spirit. There are both single-track and gravel roads, which is why you need to have an adequate level of fitness to overcome all obstacles. Rocks and roots are common in these trails, and riders will need to anticipate them to react properly.

But this trip isn’t all about adrenaline-pumping action – it also delivers leisurely, soothing activities. One of them is camping at the exclusive location called Tasermiut Camp. You’ll be able to join an intimate group to explore all the gorgeous landscapes, impeccable valleys, and navigate the majestic tundra. Afterwards, weather permitting, you get to experience the fascinating polar twilight and all its captivating colours.
"Paddling adventure on stable kayaks"
"Join an intimate group to explore all the gorgeous landscapes"
Is this trip for you?
There is a special breed of explorer who welcomes to chance to add knowledge and learning to their travel adventures. With that brand of tourist in mind, this trip to Greenland will also feature daily presentations and chats organized by world-class polar experts.
The team consists of knowledgeable scientists, guides, historians, naturalists, and other prominent guests. They’ll walk you through the region’s incredible history, ornithology, biology, glaciology, and many more fields. Furthermore, the members of the expedition team guiding you on this trip bring profound expertise in various subjects, such as marine biology, polar history, and photography. Their enthusiasm and vast knowledge will enhance your travel experience, make you more immersed in the icy environment, and strengthen your link to Greenland.

In terms of safety, you couldn’t be in better hands. The expedition team has years of experience under its belt bringing tourists to distant regions and guiding them through treacherous terrain. As a result, you’ll be exploring Greenland’s beauty with the highest level of safety.

The transportation is also unmatched. You’ll embark on a modern ship called Ultramarine. It’s designed to access unique locations on polar expeditions and give you amazing views of the enchanting region. Equipped with twin-engine choppers, the ship has a robust portfolio of activities. It also features spacious suites, as well as magnificent public spaces. Apart from that, Ultramarine has numerous viewing spaces where you can observe striking natural landscapes. Ultramarine has much more to offer, making it the perfect choice to experience a first-class polar expedition. During the time you’re on-board, you’ll be presented with delicious meals every day (times may vary depending on the location). You can even have the crew accommodate your dietary restrictions – just let the trip organizers know before the expedition.

For some travellers, the desire to explore becomes greater once they arrive at their destination. With that in mind, you can book extra days both before and after your expedition and have more time to explore Greenland and enjoy additional activities. If you’re a long way from home, extending your trip makes even more sense. For instance, you can arrange a longer stay in Reykjavik, a city known for its fantastic art scene and vibrant music. While there, take a tour of the city, check out the Golden Circle (consisting of three must-see stops - the Geysir Geothermal Area, the Gullfoss Waterfall, and Thingvellir National Park), and unwind in the popular Blue Lagoon spa. You may even have the time for a little whale watching as well.
The Right Touring Partner
 No matter how long your journey will be, Quark Expeditions can make it a successful one. Their team represents some of the finest experts in the travel industry. The company is one of the leaders in planning unique journeys in both the Antarctic and Arctic region.
They coordinate with national, regional, and municipal partners to provide their discerning guests with a wide range of activities and allow you to curate an ideal Greenland experience. Once the journey is underway, Quark Expeditions will provide you with everything you need to be fully immersed in the jaw-dropping experience.

An Extraordinary Adventure Is Waiting for You. Greenland is a magical environment. You’ll discover gripping settings that encourage you to keep exploring and uncovering all the secrets this rugged terrain possesses. Crossing these landscapes in multiple ways, such as kayaking or mountain biking, will only enhance the experience. Plus, your enthusiasm will go up a notch when you’re off the ground in a helicopter and checking out Greenland from another exciting perspective.

So, don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Arrange your unique travel adventure now and enjoy a memorable, thrill-packed trip
Trip Organizers 
The company organizing this outstanding adventure is Quark Expeditions. They lead the way in planning unique journeys in both the Antarctic and Arctic region. The company cooperates with national, regional, and municipal partners to provide a wide range of activities and allow you to curate an ideal Greenland experience. Once the journey is underway, Quark Expeditions will provide you with everything you need to be fully immersed in the jaw-dropping scenery.