Mashpi Lodge

Mashpi Lodge, a luxury cocoon in the clouds

Located in the Ecuadorian Choco, just 3 hours drive from Quito, lies Mashpi Lodge, in the heart of a 1,300-hectare pristine lush tropical forest where you and no more than 43 other discerning travellers will experience the perfect fusion of nature and luxury.

The lodge provides the perfect base for adventures in the lush, evergreen forest where travellers discover the sounds and colours of its nature.  Activities for exploration include soft to active nature walks, nocturnal hikes to discover the night forest life, becoming an expert birdwatcher and spotting colourful species, as well as admiring the hyperactive beautiful flight of the hummingbirds and seeing a butterfly come alive in the Life Centre.

Indulge in a rejuvenating massage, a revitalizing dip in the river, or just admiring the vastness of the evergreen forest.  Once back at the lodge, the connection with the forest continues through its huge picture windows.  The 22-room lodge is built with the latest in low-impact techniques and deeply committed to the sustainability of the surrounding forest through various community projects.  Extra relaxation is provided by the wellness area and Jacuzzi, while stimulation is found at the restaurant, chefs conjuring dishes prepared with mouth-watering exotic local ingredients.  Mashpi Lodge is an experience for all the senses.

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