Masseria Antonio Augusto


Masseria Antonio Augusto - A place where nature and people meet in harmony

The Masseria Antonio Augusto is a completely renovated old flower market, bringing design into the authentic building but staying in contact with the territorial values. The Masseria is located near the vineyards of Leverano and inbetween the Art City Lecce and the Sea of Porto Cesareo. It is a mixture between a classical and contemporary design bringing pure luxury to the next level in hospitality in this area. The quiet and calm aesthetics of the interiors extend to the outdoor space. Here, the sun drenched private pool, elegantly furnished patios, many tables to dine “al fresco”, and the gardens, are the ideal places where family and friends will have an effortless vacation in a no-sense-of-time paradise.

Besides the magnificent beaches and the crystal clear waters, Apulia’s highlights include the unique village of Alberobello with its white-washed trulli lining the streets, the natural wonders of the famous Grottoes of Castellana and Fasano, and the baroque city of Lecce, Ostuni, nicknamed “la città bianca” due to the picturesque white stone houses and churches. Conquered by many different ancient civilizations – Greeks, Romans, Turks, Franks, Normans, Swabians, Angevins and Bourbons - Apulia treasures an impressive collection of castles, great artistic and cultural heritage, and important archeological sites.