Discover the advantages of being a Master


There's an overwhelming choice and variety of options in today's marketplace to reach out and connect. Most important, however, is to ensure that every cent spent, is a cent well spent, generating a guaranteed return on investment. XO Private membership offers exactly that.

The inspirational XO Private platform offers a carefully vetted selection of invited companies the opportunity to enjoy membership with its comprehensive menu of most attractive, cost-effective sales & marketing benefits in order to achieve directly identifiable, tangible benefits.



Reaching XO Private's global audience 24/7

Being featured on the inspirational XO Private website offers you the attractive opportunity to present your fine company to the elite among travellers and travel trade professionals from around the globe on a 24/7 basis.

Designed in a most visual and search-friendly way, featuring a highly intuitive, mobile-optimized design, the XO Private website generates sales leads, direct reservations and increased visibility among our highly sought-after visitors.


Reaching 25,000+ valued subscribers

Enjoy a most prominent feature on your fine company in the XO Private Insider newsletter reaching more than 25,000 discerning travellers, travel trade professionals as well as senior media executives from around the world.

Often referred to as a fresh breath of inspiration by the subscribers, the XO Private Insider newsletter is released every two weeks and thus remains top of mind among its elite subscriber base. 

Social Media

Showcase your company to XO Private's followers

Referrals via social media have developed into some of the most important sales (lead) generators in recent years. Getting featured as part of XO Private’s social media campaigns is guaranteed to significantly increase your company visibility.

Enjoy seeing your fine company featured across XO Private’s various social media channels throughout the year in order to connect with its 100,000+ followers around the globe.

Press release service

Let us help you spread the word

XO Private has negotiated commercial agreements with various international press release distribution services around the globe in order to be able to assist you to spread the word about the latest developments within your company.

Feel free to send our team your latest news and they will make sure it gets out there to the 100,000+ journalists connected to the press release distribution services as well as getting your press release indexed for the online search engines.

One Million Impressions

Get your message seen by one million affluent consumers

Take advantage of the amazing tools available in this digital day and age to get your message across to a target market of one million affluent consumers around the globe.

Ideal for branding purposes and/or the launch of an exciting product, this digital service presents your offering in a most attractive visual way in order to leave a lasting impression and remain top of mind.


Stand out & get noticed

Let us assist you to stand out from the crowd with a compelling article whilst gaining notoriety for the specific keywords that you want your company to rank for in this digital day and age.

Our team will gladly assist to put together a most enticing and interesting editorial piece that can then be shared among XO Private’s stories, newsletter and social media channels.


XO Private

Logo & brand value

Building a successful, recognized brand around the globe is a lengthy, most challenging and costly undertaking with many hurdles encountered along the way.

XO Private members are welcome to use the XO Private logo as part of their respective corporate identities in order to take full advantage from XO Private’s brand value and its enviable perception as a true seal of quality.

Trade Shows

Discounts, additional benefits & the best locations

XO Private is prominently present a many of the world’s leading travel trade shows and offers its members specially discounted prices, additional benefits and the very best locations when participating as a sharing exhibitor within the XO Private Zone.

Discover first-hand why XO Private has developed into one of the largest exhibitors at most travel trade shows around the globe and join us here:

Show Calendar

Join us in 2021!

DND, Do Not Disturb
Loop Summer
We Are Africa
Proud Experiences
Luxury Bloc
Pure Life Experiences
ILTM North America
Further East
Loop Autumn
ILTM Cannes
SYNERGY, The Retreat Show (2022)


The extranet

1,500 + of the world’s finest travel designers at your fingertips

Being able to connect directly with the right decision maker guarantees all the difference in business. XO Private members can explore the details and reach out to over 1,500 carefully selected, high-end travel designers from around the globe in a direct way and on a 24/7 basis.

About 20 new travel designers are being added to this most valuable overview of Travel Masters on a monthly basis whilst all available data can be easily downloaded and exported at your convenience.

Sales road shows

Meeting those who can make a difference

XO Private offers its members a number of personally escorted sales road shows that are different from most others throughout the industry because of their truly boutique and bespoke character:
  • Exclusive experience for up to 5 members per road show only.
  • Personal visits and presentation within the finest agencies in combination with productive workshop events in the most attractive venues.
  • Strategically planned sales calls guaranteeing interest in your product or service.
  • Media breakfast to connect personally with senior media executives of the most important travel and lifestyle publications.
  • Professional yet most enjoyable character throughout.
  • Most attractive/competitive pricing.
Join us here:
17-20 May 2021 - Central European Markets
Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland), Geneva (Switzerland) and Munich (Germany)
Participation fee: € 4,980
June 2021 - Central & Eastern European Markets
Warsaw (Poland), Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Sofia (Bulgaria)
Participation fee: € 3,950



for a 12-month membership
At XO Private, we’re not interested in volume, yet only in the finest players around the globe. As a result, membership pricing has been set at a level within reach of even the smallest of exceptional companies: €699 for a 12-month membership.

In other words, the XO Private platform offers its members a multitude of powerful, cost-effective and innovative channels that are set to make a difference: generating most valuable sales leads, enhancing visibility and offering comprehensive sales & marketing support to connect with the elite in travel around the globe.

Moreover, XO Private membership perfectly complements any existing affiliations.