MIR Corporation


Venture Far From the Familiar to the Crossroads of Europe and Asia

MIR has been providing meticulous made-to-measure travel experiences at the crossroads of Europe and Asia for nearly 30 years.  We are passionate about the Silk Road countries of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, as well as the South Caucasus nations of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, plus Russia and Ukraine.

MIR travelers don’t just pass through; they tap into the culture. They savour carefully designed, uncommon experiences, like exclusive visits to private Silk Road studios and workshops of celebrated silk and ceramics masters whose traditions have been passed down for generations. Like taking a seat at a “Georgian Table” feast, piled high with delicious dishes and overflowing with natural wine, where a special toastmaster, or tamada, salutes peace, friendship, lost loves, and new life. Like motoring along the breathtaking Pamir Highway in the mountains of Tajikistan; winding through the cacophony of Uzbekistan’s bazaars; wandering the back streets of Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, where grand old mansions remain from its first oil boom in the late 19th century. MIR makes it possible.

MIR, from the Russian word meaning both “peace” and “world”, has specialized in handcrafted, personalized journeys exclusively to Siberia, the Silk Route, St. Petersburg, and beyond since 1986. The MIR destination specialists have offices in Central Asia, the South Caucasus as well as Ukraine, USA, Siberia, and Western Russia.


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