Molori Safari Lodge

The Molori Safari Lodge turns the safari into a sensation

Close to the border of South Africa’s northwest province and Botswana sits a game reserve of epic proportions known as Madikwe. This 75,000-hectare expanse is home to hundreds of bird species, numerous animals including the famed Super Seven, and a 400 strong celebrated wild dog pack. Also located in this South African wilderness of wonder is the Molori Safari Lodge, a luxury destination for every adventurer and explorer at heart. Not to be mistaken for the rough and rustic buildings generally associated with the term lodge, the Molori Safari Lodge is a tropical oasis in the vast African savannah.

A mere 5 opulent suites are found on the Molori Safari Lodge property, each more luxurious than the last. Spacious and accommodating, guests receive the finest services in elegantly sophisticated settings. Grand areas for relaxation blend into picturesque views of the Madikwe Reserve, while cathedral thatched roofs enhance the exotic hardwoods and natural elements found within each suite. The culmination of South African trees and crisp linens, handwoven baskets, and river stone embellishments evoke a sense of safari luxury.

Culinary experiences during a stay at the Molori Safari Lodge are one of a kind. There are no set menus or venues, each guest is consulted prior to their meal to determine what delicious foods they will explore each time. Every ingredient employed in the creative Molori cuisine is local and seasonal, exemplifying the authentic flavours of South Africa. Guests may choose to dine in their private suite, on one of the many private viewing decks, or even in the wild bush. A fireside Boma repast is always recommended, and at least one Sundowner cocktail is surely expected.

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