Moment Norway


Moment Norway, the moment makers

Moment Norway provides its guests with meaningful moments based on interpersonal encounters and experiences in mighty nature. The company's goal is to create authentic and unforgettable moments through personality and authenticity-focused design. Utilizing nature as the playground, guests are encouraged to actively participate in the local culture through interaction and participation.

Moment Norway is a family-owned Norwegian DMC, travel designer, and event designer based in Northern Norway. Founded by Ida Rishaug in 2014, the company is a boutique provider of incoming services.

The dedicated local destination experts at Moment Norway's offices in Tromsø and Lofoten are ready to help design, create, and deliver unique events and adventures for families, friends, groups, and companies of all sizes, both internationally and locally. With in-depth knowledge of the region, the company's experts tailor awe-inspiring programmes and experiences.

The passion of Moment Norway lies in the conveyance of the powerful nature, proud history, and rich culture of the area. Northern Norway's unparalleled beauty will leave guests amazed, inspired, and enchanted, making it the perfect setting to create lifetime memories.