More Treehouse Experience

More Treehouse Experience – Enjoy the ultimate, wild Africa experience under the stars

Sleeping in a treehouse in the middle of the bush, with nothing between you and raw nature has to be the ultimate wild Africa experience.

Booked in conjunction with a stay at the MORE lodges in the Lion Sands Game Reserve, three treehouses in different locations, are all equally divine: perched high on stilts, well out of reach of the wildlife, each platform is lit by dozens of glowing lanterns and equipped with deep sofas, beanbags and four-poster beds draped in mosquito netting. With neither walls nor roofs separating you from the great outdoors, every howl, screech, and rumble of the prowling nocturnal animals is perfectly audible.

Guests are dropped off at sunset, with a gourmet picnic hamper and a bottle of South African wine. As day fades into night, look up and count the constellations, wish on shooting stars, and savour the sounds of true wilderness. An experience that will live on in your memory for a lifetime.

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