My Taiken


My Taiken - Private traditional culture experiences & events in Japan

Taiken is a Japanese word meaning “experience”.

Japan offers a wealth of unique, refined cultural experiences. Much of that culture has survived to the present through a long history of social and artistic evolution. The more you learn about them, the more fascinating they become.

My Taiken provides access to the breadth of Japan’s cultural diversity and traditions. Go beyond simply witnessing its beauty by taking part in the experience yourself, touching the essence of this wonderful culture to better understand it.

The masters and traditional families part of My Taiken will be delighted to meet you to share their daily life and information about their traditional art. They have all travelled around the world, studied abroad for some time and have even received awards during international events; sharing their knowledge with people from other cultures is part of their mission.

My Taiken was founded by Sebastien Moncus, originally from Brittany, France. Sebastien offers experiences and events as the insider in the traditional Japanese world. His in-laws are one of the Grand Master families who founded Noh theater 700 years ago.

Feel free to connect with them today to craft your tailor-made events and experiences together.