Naman Retreat

Rediscover the power of the here and now at the Naman Retreat

Located close to the city of Danang in Southeast Asia, Naman Retreat is a beachfront enclave that integrates modern architecture elements with traditional Vietnamese materials to create a secluded hideaway that promotes the awakening of your consciousness and the bliss of being truly present in the here and now. At the Naman Retreat virtuoso examples of bamboo, architecture complements the natural beauty of pristine beaches and lush tropical greenery to provide a soothing and rejuvenation ambiance. Bamboo, lush greenery, private turquoise pools, and ultra-modern minimalist designs are some of the keywords at the Naman Retreat. Babylon Room packs high-end amenities, elegant decorations, and a private balcony fringed with blue sky and beautiful green in only 45 m2, creating a compact intimate space where no corner or room is wasted.

The one-bedroom Pool Villa, on the other hand, doubles the space, offering an exquisite blend of stone and bamboo architecture with cutting-edge design elements like floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that create a perpetual work of art all around you. Whichever room you choose, you can take shaded sundecks by azure pools for granted, because they are always only a few steps away.

Awaiting you by a beautifully illuminated pool, the Hai Hai Restaurant celebrates the culinary heritage of Vietnam with local dishes inspired by the kitchens of the Imperial Citadel in Hue as well as the modern preferences of the Ho Chi Minh City. At the adjacent Coffee Club, a fine example of the Naman Retreat’s aesthetic philosophy of mixing authentic elements with spectacular architecture, you can savour a selection of local teas, homemade pastries, and board games in a subtly illuminated setting that looks authentic and yet futuristic at the same time.

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