Nimb Hotel

Adventure is ever-present at Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen

Denmark has evolved into a beautiful country of farms, finance, and high technology, but at one time it was the home of Viking kings and their longboat warriors. That seafaring history endowed Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen with a busy and thriving port, and today the city enjoys a booming tourism industry. One particularly popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen is the Tivoli Gardens. Denmark is the nation that invented the amusement park, with the first evolving from a spa in the Copenhagen suburb of Klampenburg. The second amusement park in the world was the Tivoli Gardens, constructed by entrepreneur Georg Carstensen in the heart of the city, in 1843. Today, Tivoli is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, and it is also the location of the five-star boutique Nimb Hotel, usually called the Nimb.

Named for restaurateurs and sisters Henriette and Serina Nimb, who established the hotel in 1909, the Nimb took on its current incarnation after necessary renovations in 2008. Today, the Nimb features an almost abstract façade on the west, along the busy Bernstorffsgade Boulevard, while on the eastern side of the building, the styling of a Moorish palace is revived, and guests can relax on a beautiful terrace balcony that overlooks the Gardens. All of the guests of the Nimb receive free admittance to Tivoli Gardens, and the hotel also offers visitors a connection to its partner hotel in the countryside of Denmark, the Holckenhavn Castle; the Concierge will be glad to discuss the options for visiting the castle with you. Nimb staff will be glad to assist you in assembling a schedule for bespoken tours of Copenhagen, as well as guidance to the city’s neighbourhoods and attractions.

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