Nine Worlds

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Nine Worlds - Authentic luxury travel in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Nine Worlds excels in delivering exclusive and customised luxury travel experiences in Iceland. Established on a foundation of experience dating back to 1937, Nine Worlds is synonymous with elegance, adventure, and unparalleled personalisation.

Specialising in tailor-made adventures, Nine Worlds caters to discerning travelers seeking immersive, unique experiences. Each journey is thoughtfully designed by experts, harmonising clients' desires with in-depth local knowledge. From aerial tours over glaciers to serene moments in hidden locations, every aspect is crafted for wonder and luxury.

Nine Worlds distinguishes itself through its devotion to bespoke travel. Understanding that luxury is inherently personal, they meticulously tailor each adventure to individual preferences. This commitment extends from selecting the finest accommodations, be it private villas or top-tier hotels, to ensuring exclusive access to unique local experiences and guides.

Nine Worlds holds partnerships in high regard, believing that stress-free collaboration is crucial. Their contemporary, bold approach ensures that travel advisors enjoy an exceptional cooperation experience. This ethos extends to travelers, who are treated to seamless, authentic, and unforgettable journeys, marked by luxury and personalised attention.

Accommodations are handpicked for their luxury and uniqueness, ranging from private villas to Iceland's finest hotels. With a focus on local expertise, each itinerary is enriched by the insights of carefully selected guides. At Nine Worlds, a journey is not just a travel plan but an unforgettable saga of exploration and luxury.

In the enchanting realm of Iceland, Nine Worlds is not merely a travel option; it is a gateway to unparalleled experiences, ensuring each traveler's tale is as unique and majestic as the land of fire and ice itself.