Noam – Exclusive Private Retreats & Villas

Noam is a hospitality group dedicated to luxury villas and private retreats in the most intimate and secluded locations. Meaning ‘pleasure’ and ‘prosperity’, Noam develops a holistic approach to hospitality in each of its destinations.

Every detail has been designed to create true sanctuaries, places of prestige and elegance. Places where authenticity and modernity meet, where gastronomy and conviviality take centre stage. But above all, places where a unique way of life is created - giving the passing time what it deserves: precious and unforgettable moments.

Committed to preserving the cultural heritage of each destination, Noam shares its vision of hospitality with epicureans sensitive to nature and eager to experience authentic and discreet moments that create lasting memories. Recognising the true treasure in sharing and discovery, Noam intertwines each guest with the spirit of the place.

Simplicity and humility distinguish Noam through its service, where every moment spent mirrors a welcomed embrace in a gracious private home. Each estate possesses a unique identity, brought to life by the artisans—chefs, housekeepers, gardeners, concierges, butlers, and managers—who infuse the space with soul and extend a warm welcome.

Noam beckons guests into immersive journeys, inviting them to embrace an extraordinary art de vivre.