Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen offers a warm and genuine experience

This exceptional hotel is situated in the historic home of the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. Nobis is a prime example of what happens when contemporary Nordic interior design and century-old classic architecture come together. Also, the charming blend of old and new on display at the hotel’s trendy bar and lounge has been drawing Copenhagen’s social elites since the opening.

Nobis features 75 rooms that reflect the pursuit of outstanding interior design and offer the comfort and amenities that you may expect in such a high-end hotel. The exclusive Nobis suite is designed to offer you the ultimate timeless elegance comparable only to a handful of other luxury suites in Europe. This suite has tall ceilings with original wall decorations and features an outstanding marble bathroom. Also, you get a chance to have the perfect view of the busy streets of Copenhagen and lounge around on the contemporary designer furniture that dominates the living area.

The fine-dining Niels restaurant is an integral part of Nobis where a great selection of local and international dishes is on offer. If you visit the hotel in the summer, make sure to try the haute cuisine menu for a taste of unique Copenhagen flavours.

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