Norwegian Adventures

Norwegian Adventures creates unique vacations in Norway

Norwegian Adventures custom designs packages for individual travellers visiting Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. The company creates once-in-a-lifetime trips for high-end clients and focuses on creating authentic travel experiences that cannot be found on-line.

Norway offers an array of exciting activities surrounded by the most amazing scenery, including glacier walking, white water rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering, fly fishing, hunting, sky diving as well as deep-sea rafting, fjord cruising, and whale watching. The company’s owner, Mr Jan Sortland, is a professional genealogist and offers assistance in identifying Scandinavian forefathers in Scandinavian archives.

Norwegian Adventures believes that many travellers today are no longer satisfied with being mere spectators and they, therefore, offer people the opportunity to participate. The traditional travel industry either helps you tour Norway on your own or offers prearranged trips in which you normally end up on a bus together with a lot of other tourists. Norwegian Adventures likes to see themselves as friends or family welcoming you to Norway and taking you behind the scenes so that you can experience the authentic Scandinavian way of life.

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