Nziza Hospitality

Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania & Zimbabwe – DESTINATION MASTER

The wildest, untouched Africa

With deep roots in Africa, Nziza Hospitality is owned and managed by a team of locals with hands-on participation in a variety of professions and united by passion.

The team's mission is to offer magical life experiences to the sophisticated traveller who is keen on visiting some of East & Southern Africa’s most enticing safari circuits. Wildlife, philanthropy & environmental preservation of Africa is the central principle of Nziza Hospitality's ethos.

The team understands that clients require efficient, cost-effective and suitable travel connections. Their bespoke style allows their safari designers to deliver all-round value and their capabilities stretch well beyond the traditional travel management function, offering tailor-made solutions to meet of all their client’s individual needs with the style and personal touch that is Nziza Hospitality