Octant Douro


Octant Douro, a work of art in a dialogue with a river

Octant Douro is situated at kilometre 41 on the Douro River from its mouth. The location and the architectural features of the building amplify the connection to the surrounding landscape and the escape from reality. Octant Douro, built of shale and glass in an escarpment system extending nearly all the way to the river, founded on a series of environmental concerns and a desire to blend with its surroundings. With the future sustainability in mind, a garden has been planted where they gather fresh herbs each day, and keep their own beehives, which give the honey that delights guests at breakfast.

Human construction, from the building itself to the two outdoor swimming pools and the river dock, is in no way shocking. Instead, it is a feature, which merges with the river and the surrounding mountains. The natural environment is a constant theme at the Octant Douro. Whether inside or out, they are continuously being immersed in nature. This is one of the differentiating factors of the Octant Douro, a hotel that is a work of art in a never-ending dialogue with the river and the valley.

It is within this dialogue that the hotel’s concept evolves, a sophisticated but minimalist space, in tune with every detail and every need of its visitors, but in complete harmony with its surrounding location.