Octant Lousã


Octant Lousã Boutique Hotel is a way of life

Octant Lousã is an 18th-century building that has passed through historical eras and through the hands of noble families and was even part of an episode of the French invasions. The Palace is classified as a Historical Heritage Building of Public Interest, and is proud of its past and wants to celebrate it, as well as to look towards the future and modernize. To respond to new trends, and to capitalize on the best that the Lousã Mountains have to offer.

Transformed into a hotel, the country’s first boutique hotel boasts 46 rooms, combining the charm of historic environments with the utmost comfort to all who visit.

The Palace is ecologically friendly and geared towards adventure tourism and nature, without losing sight of its palatial character. Octant Lousã has inaugurated the À Terra and the winter garden, where guests will find a view that will take their breath away. The reception area has been refurbished, the inviting rooms transformed and a Lobby Market has been opened. And in the end, the Palace is more authentic than ever before.