Octant Ponta Delgada


Discover the best of São Miguel at Octant Ponta Delgada

Octant Ponta Delgada is modern, cosmopolitan and vibrant. The team looks towards the sea as a source of inspiration that guides them every day, though they never forget where they came from, their island origins, the traditions they make an effort to preserve, and the products and cooking techniques of their local cuisine. Therefore, Octant Ponta Delgada is a contemporary hotel which has never lost its São Miguel heritage and touch.

The Spa is an eco-luxury spa, a space that incorporates sophistication and luxury, while using natural and organic products. At the Spa the strong connection to the island of São Miguel is emphasized.

At the hotel, guests can drink a gin with friends at the end of the day, try a dish made from the best local products but always with a unique twist, as well as kick back in the Spa, or go swimming in the panoramic pool and wake up to an unbelievable view of the Ponta Delgada marina. The Experience Manager is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind moments. Octant Ponta Delgada welcomes you to open every door to discover the very best of São Miguel.