Odzala Discovery Camps

Three times more glamping in the most beautiful camps of the Congo

Deep in the world’s second-largest rainforest a safari experience like no other awaits. Odzala Discovery Camps operates three highly exclusive camps in the Congo’s Odzala Kokoua National Park, each positioned to showcase a different ecosystem within this pristine jungle. Ngaga Camp sits in a glade surrounded by dense, virgin rainforest. Its six rooms are elevated enabling one to peer right into the canopy, but the main activity here is tracking the Western Lowland Gorillas on foot.

Lango Camp overlooks a ‘bai’, or marsh area, in the middle of the forest. These clearings offer a rare chance to see behind the heavy curtain of greenery and observe forest-dwellers such as the harnessed bushbuck and forest buffalo when they come out into the open to drink and eat.

At Mboko, 12 rooms are strung along the riverbank where forest elephants and buffalo are regular visitors. Activities are a thrilling mix of walking, driving, and boating, with ample opportunity to cool off in the crystal clear streams.


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