Offbeat Portugal


Offbeat Portugal - Specialised in crafting unique, tailor-made travel experiences for the discerning travelers

Once the world’s biggest and most powerful empire, Portugal is ready to wonder you and Offbeat is here to plan every detail of your trip so you can enjoy it to the fullest. This is one of Europe’s most eclectic destinations and you will definitely fall for its unique charm.

Despite being a relatively small country, Portugal is not just the tip of Europe, but a remarkable destination full of secret gems to be discovered from North to South. From Porto’s medieval narrow streets and Lisbon’s seven hills, to the wine regions of Douro and Alentejo and the intricate coastal area of the Algarve, not forgetting the colourful island of Madeira and the remote islands of the Azores, Portugal has something for everyone.

Offbeat Portugal will show you the best of what Portugal has to offer, including not only the must-see places, but also that off the beaten track side of a destination full of local and authentic traditions. You will get the chance of seeing a side that not many have access to, but that they will be more than pleased to share with you through the tailor-made travel experiences they’ll design especially for you.

Founded by José Guia and Tiago Marques, the team is expert on the destination, with strong and long-standing relationships with the network of suppliers and friends they work with, guaranteeing that clients have insider access to truly exclusive stuff. Their bespoke travel services provide luxury travle, concierge services, honeymoon organisation, adventure getaways, the ideal family holidays, and health & wellbeing experiences.