Ongava is committed to protecting and savouring life in all its natural wonder

Ongava was founded on bold ideas – land reclamation and rehabilitation, reintroduction of wildlife, and the creation of a partnership for the future that is vital for the health of the planet and our souls.

With only four lodges to choose from, each offering a distinct interpretation of luxury, your visit helps Ongava to achieve its highest aspiration: Nature First. Sharing a common boundary with Etosha National Park, Ongava Lodge – Herero for rhino – was founded in 1993. In the intervening years our commitment to sustainable conservation enabled us to add Ongava Tented Camp, Little Ongava and Andersson’s at Ongava. From the outset Ongava committed to ‘Nature First’, striving to restore biodiversity and ensuring that natural processes are perpetuated.

Ongava is considered one of the finest private game reserves in the region, enjoying global recognition for exceptional conservation and exciting safari experiences. In its first rendition the Ongava Research Centre (ORC) operated as a small research station for the first 16 years. Despite its modest nature, important studies were conducted and the results published in scientific journals. Ongava has supported the development and expansion of the ORC on a new campus. The developments include a visitor centre, offices, laboratories and storage for research; and accommodation for students and scientists. The Curiosity Hub is unique, providing top class information beyond anything offered by other tourist destinations in Namibia and probably some way beyond. Ongava Guests have exclusive access to the Curiosity Hub and a 36-seater auditorium is available for special events.