Onguma The Fort

High-level luxury in the wild of Namibia’s Onguma Nature Reserve

A blend of African and Moroccan architecture, The Fort, with its thick stone walls, carved wooden doors and tranquil pools, is a striking sight amid the apparent emptiness of Namibia’s Onguma Nature Reserve.
The arid landscape, dotted with camel thorn trees, shelters a surprising wildlife population however, including prairie animals, big cats and a family of black rhino. Activities centre around game drives and bush walks in both the private reserve and the nearby Etosha National Park, but for those who choose not to venture out, a watering hole only yards from the lodge attracts thirsty lions and leopards.

Offering high-level luxury in the wild, guest suites are spaced widely apart, to ensure a sense of privacy and exclusivity. Colourful fabrics adorn comfortable, airy interiors that open onto wooden decks with never-ending views across the Etosha Pan. There may be no better place to enjoy the spectacular colours of the Namibian sunset, a cold aperitif in hand, than these private verandas.

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