Onirikos is a designer of truly memorable, Italian experiences

Onirikos offers travellers with discerning tastes a luxury holiday planning service throughout Italy. With a focus on the world-class high-end travel that draws elite clientele, the who’s who of the world enjoy the lavish privilege of Onirikos’ first-rate hospitality and amenities. A family-owned company that started as a mere hospitality vision in 2001, Onirikos has grown to become a well-sought travel and tourism aid throughout Italy. Taking pride in their immense efforts to organize, schedule, and plan bespoke Italian itineraries, the staff of Onirikos proves daily why they are considered top-notch. Each of the brothers who created Onirikos has a passion for travel, especially with regard to out of the ordinary destinations.

Each of the Onirikos experiences is truly one of a kind. The itineraries dreamt up by the staff are bespoke, in the most authentic sense of the term. Travellers will never find themselves taking the same journey as previous or future guests. As each experience is a custom made journey, the staff goes to great lengths to understand exactly what sights and experiences the traveller desires. While the traveller is essentially in charge of their own journey, they are never left to handle the details themselves.

The VIP Concierge services at Onirikos are as unique and steadfast as their experiences. There is no detail too small and no request too outlandish for the concierge. Guests who wish to tour the land in a vintage car or exotic import need only ask. Others will revel in the options of bodyguard and chauffeur services. Exclusivity and privacy are paramount with Onirikos, which is why this tour company is so well known among royalty and celebrities alike.