Out Of Nowhere


Exceptional camps and lodges in Mongolia, Out of Nowhere

Out of NowHere is the first hospitality brand dedicated to the wild territories A concept combining a geographical global approach (people, patrimony, culture, environment) and a huge experience of high-end hospitality services. Their lodges (20 rooms/units each) are located in one of the wildest countries in the world, Mongolia! In the nomadic territories, Sweet Gobi (in central Bayan Gobi) and Ursa Major (in Orkhon Valley – classified as UNESCO World Heritage), allow to experiment nomadic life in harmony with the landscape and the herder's families...

The Out of NowHere network designs, gathers and promotes hotels and lodges located in the midst of spectacular natural spaces and isolated protected territories that are sometimes difficult to access. Their secret: to blend into the environment, embrace closely the locals’ way of life, their techniques, their skills, their traditions, to be as close to them as possible, accepted with complete confidence and mutual respect. Experience the true art of Hospitality with the thoughtful touch of attentive staff who contribute to a truly memorable experience of yours.

Here and now in the middle of nowhere, sometimes in exclusive nameless places, the hotels from the Out of Nowhere brand guarantee top of the range international hotel service. Their secret weapon: All members of the Out of NowHere teams are magicians!