Pädaste Manor

Pädaste Manor, a grand hotel in the Baltic Forests

Along the shores of Estonia, one of the brave Baltic nations that have miraculously retained a flourishing culture and identity throughout centuries of occupation and oppression, the low lying countryside island of Muhu welcomes vacationers from the newly thriving and vigorous cities of Tallin and Riga. The forests of the island are beautiful oak, birch, and spruce, and the marshlands stretch out endlessly into the Straits of the Suur and the Väike, the waters that separate Muhu from the mainland. On the southern coast of the island, the Pädaste Manor, once a medieval estate and royal residence, overlooks Pädaste Bay, and offers its clientele some a most luxurious boutique service.

Estonian forests surround the Pädaste, while the Baltic waters are decorated with islets in the distance, and the hotel features a design that blends the country inn with deluxe amenities, with wood-burning fireplaces in many of the suites, several guestrooms with balconies, and a boating dock for bespoke explorations of the nearby bays and inlets. The island is filled with little homesteads and villages, and if you should explore the meadows and forests of Muhu, the exotic place names of the closely related Estonian and Finnish languages, lilting tongues derived from a shared and ancient Asian source, create the sense of an elven forest world. The Pädaste itself is an estate of several buildings, and at the heart of the central Manor House, the ancient walls of the original 14th Century building still stand strong. The Manor embraces modern technology, of course, and upon your arrival at the Pädaste, you receive an in-room iPad for the digital control of every aspect of your room,

The Pädaste Manor is a complex of 24 total rooms distributed among three separate buildings, and each structure offers unique attractions. For instance, in the Manor House proper, there are fourteen rooms, with the Grand Suite serving as the penthouse option. A special room, Number 15, includes the Manor’s surprising and soulful Poetry Loft. A narrow ladder in a corner of the suite leads to a little mezzanine, where a lovely collection of volumes of poetry awaits you, as well as a skylight that opens to the stars. A comfortable chair allows you to read and rest and look up at the night sky, and this may be a unique offering among all the hotels of the world.


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