Regata Copa Del Rey

Regata Copa Del Rey, Mallorca, Spain

For one week in August, every year, sailors from around the world gather on the small Mediterranean island of Mallorca to take part in the Regata Copa Del Rey. Held on the Balearic Island of Mallorca, the Regata Copa Del Rey, combines perfect racing conditions with the legendary hospitality and stunning vistas that the island is famous for. Dating back to

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Casas do Côro

Casas do Coro - Portugal - evening

Carmen and Paulo Romão have fulfilled their dream of transforming Casas do Côro into a magical hotel in harmony with nature. The rich heritage and the beauty of the historical village Marialva are excellent reasons to discover the silence you thought no longer existed, but also to dream, to dare, to feel and to experience. The sophisticated hotel is a

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Mandarin Journeys

Mandarin Journeys - Shanghai - Pudong

Mandarin Journeys’ approach to travel is artisanal – it is travel that is handmade and handcrafted. Birthed from a vision to build a cultural bridge between the West and the Orient, Mandarin Journeys is not just about travelling to places and seeing the attractions; it is about a whole and complete experience. Encounter Asia in a different light; A Mandarin

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Norway Husky Adventure

Norway Husky Adventure

For a snow-based adventure with a little difference, Norway Husky Adventure offers a selection of nature experiences right from the heart of Norway. Focusing on trails with husky dogs, the Norway Husky Adventure and their kennels are centred within Kopperå, Meråker, just a short hour’s drive from the Trondheim Airport Værnes. Nestled in the Norwegian mountains, enjoy the beautiful winter

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Radinn Wakejet Cruise

Radinn Wakejet Cruise - sports

Imagine the total freedom of being able to board without the need for a boat or kite. Imagine being able to surf without needing waves. Instead of merely being a dream, this striving for nautical freedom kept Philip Werner up at night while he was studying at Lund University in Sweden.  Famous – or shall we say notorious – for

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Hotel Gasthof Post


For 80 years the Gasthof Post has been run by the same family, whose warm hospitality and attention to detail make this a standout hotel in the world-renowned ski resort of Lech. A former posthouse that has been converted into a boutique hotel, it wears its history with pride: spacious rooms, apartments and suites breathe old world charm and alpine

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Hebridean Princess

Hebridean Princess - Hebridean Island Cruises

Discover the wild Scottish Isles in comfort and luxury on the inimitable and exclusive cruise ship, the Hebridean Princess. Bring home with you an unforgettable experience that is enjoyable, stress-free and relaxing. Small and luxurious, the Hebridean Princess is the smallest luxury cruise ship afloat. But it is this very nature and size that allows her to effortlessly access the

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The Bund Classic

The Bund Classic - Shanghai

If you have an appreciation for classic cars, and enjoy the finer things in life, then The Bund Classic is where you should be in 2015. The Bund Classic is an exclusive event of epicurean proportions, tailored for those who possess a refined taste for elegance and luxury. It is an event which features a spectacular showcase of rare, classic

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Equinox Snowcoach

Equinox Snowcoach - snow

There is something magical about exploring a Winter wonderland, riding your snowmobile through vast expanses of snow-covered pine trees. The freezing winds however might occasionally spoil the fun a little and might certainly refrain you from inviting the kids along. Luckily, Equinox Industries Ltd have come up with an innovative solution based on their four decades long experience in manufacturing

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Masseria Cimino

Masseria Cimino - Italy

Masseria Cimino is a fortified farmhouse with a tower dating back to the 18th century.  The Masseria was built just meters away from the sea, adjacent to the archaeological site where the ruins of the Ancient Roman city of Egnatia, founded in the 6th century B.C., were discovered. Masseria Cimino is surrounded by expanses of vegetable gardens and century old

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