Umaid Bhawan Palace


Umaid Bhawan Palace, an impressive and magnificent golden–yellow sandstone edifice in the heart of the desert capital of Jodhpur, stamps a commanding presence.  Set amidst 26 acres of lush gardens, the Art Deco style palace was the last of India’s great palaces and was one of the largest private residences in the world.  A part of the palace is still

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Space Adventures

Space Adventures - flights into space

With their recent media attention, you’re sure to of heard of Space Adventures. Over the next ten years, Space Adventures are scheduling flights into space for private clients – so if you’ve always wanted to experience the life of an astronaut and everything that space has to offer, you now can! As the world’s premier private spaceflight business and the

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The Mille Miglia

The Mille Miglia - Italy - alfa romeo 6c 1500 mms

The Mille Miglia is a historic and unique race that takes place in Italy. Traditionally the race starts in Brescia in northern Italy continues on to Rome further to the south and then returns northwards to once again finish in Brescia. There were 13 races that took place prior to WW 11 starting in 1927 and 11 after WW 11

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One Eleven

One Eleven - Indonesia - Bali - Seminyak

One Eleven is an adult only luxury abode in the middle of Bali’s bustling Seminyak.  The spacious resort is secluded yet convenient and private yet unpretentious. Seamlessly blending an ‘in-villa’ and ‘resort’ experience, One Eleven boasts nine 350m² villas, each with a spacious 14-meter long swimming pool and a 35m² spa gazebo on a sprawling 5,000m² property.  Japanese sleek, modern

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The Pocket Rocket from Wokart

Designed with Swiss precision by Dr. Theo Christen, the Wokart brings high-speed go-kart like driving experiences to the waters. Built to renowned Swiss quality standards, this unique designer watercraft was brought to life by a truly unique team of specialists from Switzerland, Germany, the USA, England, Russia and Thailand.  Wokart is patented virtually all over the world and is manufactured

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EYOS Expeditions

Eyos Expeditions - cruising

EYOS Expeditions organises one of a kind luxury expeditions to some of the remote, yet remarkable, places on earth. Focusing on safety and luxury within their travel, EYOS Expeditions offer chartered super yachts or the option to travel using your own vessel. Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll find a full and rewarding itinerary, put together with captains, alongside

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Creative Travel

Creative Travel, India

Excellence in input, discretion in planning and subtlety in delivery – these have defined luxury travel at Creative Travel for 37 years. Privately owned and managed, globally awarded and recognised, and with a network all over India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Tibet and the Maldives, the company offers experiences matched by few. Creative Travel has been recognized by the World

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Tropic Air

Tropic Air Fixed Wing and Helicopter Safaris, Nanyuki, Kenya

Established in the early 1990’s by Jamie Roberts with idea of offering northern Kenya as a destination for visitors. Over a decade later, Tropic Air is considered as one of Kenya’s leading air charter and Helicopter Company’s.  Operating from its Nanyuki airfield base in central Kenya, Tropic Air operates throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Tropic Air offers a range of safaris either

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The Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament

The Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament-Miss-Tiffanys-Ladyboy-Team - Thailland

Originally conceived in 1981 by the legendary Asian adventurers, Jim Edwards and James Manclark. During a quirky conversation the two thought the idea of Elephant Polo would be an amusing way for travellers to pass their time in the jungles of Asia. In 1982 the Elephant Polo Association, headquartered in the Tiger Tops lodge in the Royal Chitwan Park of

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Sledgehammer Snowbike’s

now limits with a Sledgehammer Snowbike

Dating back the 1850’s skibiking or as it’s also know snowbiking or skibobing, first appeared in the European Alps as a practical winter vehicle. Early skibikes were made with a large wooden frame, making them heavy and not so easy to operate.  Around the 1870’s a similar vehicle was constructed in North America. With the proliferation of skiable areas increasing

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