Singita Pamushana Lodge

Experience luxury in Zimbabwe at Singita Pamushana Lodge

Zimbabwe is rich in natural beauty and it serves as the home of several of the most pristine tracts of wilderness in Africa. Singita, dedicated to sharing the ecological wonders of Africa with the rest of the world, has created the Singita Pamushana Lodge in the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, in the southeastern corner of Zimbabwe, near the border with Mozambique. In 1994 the Malilangwe Trust was created to protect and promote this amazing natural reserve, and today you are welcome to journey over savannah and jungle to the Hunyugwe Hills, where luxurious accommodations await you.

Zimbabwe was the home to the Shona people, who created one of the great African civilizations in their valleys and plateaus. At Singita Pamushana Lodge, you can enjoy the feel of Zimbabwean architecture as you relax in your extensive suite. The Lodge is decorated with Zimbabwean motifs, featuring thatching and stonework, which faithfully reflect the surrounding culture and landscape. During your stay at the Lodge, you will be near a lake, which will give you a unique opportunity to hear the wildlife at both dusk and dawn. Singita Pamushana Lodge offers Jacuzzi and swimming pools, and the staff is professional and well-prepared to provide a true luxury experience. Day trips can take you into the Shangaan communities, where you can study the intense effort to bring people and wilderness together in a true ecological collaboration.

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