Parkhotel Bremen


Enjoy divine views of the surrounding nature at Parkhotel Bremen

Located in the heart of the city with a gorgeous setting of the Hollersee, the Parkhotel Bremen is an enchanting place of subtle elegance with a touch of aristocratic luxury.

For Bremen locals, it is an institution and the city’s own living room. Guests from all over the world appreciate the luxury hotel’s indisputable style, delectable offerings, and warm-hearted hospitality.

The luxurious Parkhotel has shaped Bremen’s skyline from as far back as 1872. Starting out its first few decades as the ‘Parkhaus’ restaurant for day-trippers, it became the grand hotel as we know it in 1956. The magnificent, heritage-listed building is considered one of the symbols of Bremen. The hotel is home to lively parties, quiet luxury, distinguished visitors and guests from all around the world.