Patagonia Backroads

Venture Into the Great Unknown with Patagonia Backroads

Patagonia is arguably the last unexplored wilderness frontier on the planet, while scientists the likes of Darwin have been exploring and studying the region for centuries, there remains a vast landscape that has kept its untouched grandeur. The inventive team at Patagonia Backroads offers travellers who appreciate the call of the wild and the thrill of off-road touring a chance to explore the epic landscape of Patagonia while letting loose their adventurous side. Patagonia Backroads offers its guests a choice from 3 exquisitely powerful BMW GS series motorbikes. Having tried and tested a number of makes and models, their professional team of riders has determined that the F650GSI 2009, the F800GS 2009, and the R1200GS 2008 are the most adept at handling the rugged terrain and occasionally fierce climate of the region. Blending the needs of comfort, power, and reliability, each of these BMW models exceeds the rider’s expectations.

When choosing the ideal 4×4 vehicle for their epic Patagonian tours, the team at Patagonia Backroads searched through a myriad of off-road vehicles. Understanding that the chosen vehicle needed to provide passengers with infallible reliability, constant off-road performance, towing options, and adequate cargo space, the Land Rover Defender 110 was the overall 4×4 of choice. Exceptional fuel consumption allows the Defender 110 to travel thousands of kilometres before having to return to base, thus ensuring that guests’ journeys are as long as possible.

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